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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I love Zumocast

Zumocast has to be my favorite app on my iPad and my iPod Touch. I have much more music on CD than it is possible to store on one portable device. I have ripped a lot of my collection onto a couple of large capacity external drives, but it's impossible to carry all that around on a portable device. So, I always end up having to choose which albums to keep on my iPad and iPod, and having to delete some music if I want to put different music on. Then of course, in class I think of a tune I would like to play for the students, so I can demonstrate something, and I realize it's not on my iPad or iPod - I deleted it last week. If only I had my home computer with me, I could access it immediately.

Zumocast to the rescue. Zumocast lets me stream any music directly from my home computer. I just have to leave my computer on during the day when I'm at school or on the road, and a tiny server app plays any music file I need whenever I access Zumocast from my iPad or iPod. Hundreds of albums are available to me and the music streams instantly, and very reliably. It is truly a class-saving tool.


James said...

Richard, Orb and Didiom have been doing this for years. Didiom has just released a music specific iPhone app - It runs flawlessly on my iPod Touch. Not sure about iPad support. I don't have one yet :(

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